Innovation policy, and Jupyter notebooks


I’ve written a couple of new things: one on the government’s new innovation package, and one on Jupyter notebooks.

Today’s Monthly has an analysis piece I put together about the government’s new innovation package.

Like pets and owners who resemble each other, governments’ innovation policies have come to sound like investment pitches from the tech startups they regulate. Both conjure up a picture of the dazzling near future, just within reach but utterly transformed, with a light dusting of jargon to add credibility. Boiled down to essentials, the details of each plan might turn out to be quite simple—perhaps not fully thought through, its only hope of success coming from the leadership’s hope, ambition and chutzpah.

Will the government’s new National Innovation & Science Agenda work? …

Feel free to click through and read the whole thing.

And at work we’ve recently launched a Jupyter Notebook interface to our Scripts product. A post on Kaggle’s blog explains why that makes me so happy.